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KENWOOD :: button replacement

I’ve got a broken Kenwood power supply today for a very low price, since the broken part was the “output” button, which enables the actual output. Fortunately I’ve got a few similar parts hanging around so I’ve spent about 10 minutes opening the case (10 screws just to hold the upper cover!) and disassembling the front panel, then about 15 minutes for the actual replacement and then 1.5 hours trying to put everything back, since the LEDs and buttons on the front panel did not want to go where they belong and occasionally decided to fall everywhere, on the table, on the floor.

Finally I’ve heard exciting “click” and I put it all together very quick wishing I would not have to open it again anytime soon. Nice power supply with three outputs — 8V, 18V and 36V, I can say. For a very-very low price.


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