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iPad :: Angry Birds Pad, actually

It’s about one month since I’ve got an iPad, which is twice the screen size and half the price of HTC Desire. The original purpose was to take the game load off my phone, and everything went perfectly as planned. “Angry Birds” (all flavours) and “Cut the Rope” are the games of the choice for the children. With occasional RSS reading in the spare time for the parents.

Besides gaming and reading the news, there’s not much possible, though. Web browsing is extremely slow even on WiFi. Applications are a bit “peculiar” for everyday use. Still, you can’t beat the $350 price for 10″ tablet with Angry Birds support.


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iPad :: first impressions

Recently Apple has introduced new iPad2 and the iPad prices plunged overnight. I’m not big fan of Apple or their products, but given the opportunity to get a 10″ tablet brand new for $300, I just could not resist the temptation. After all, I need to have a reference point for comparison with Android.

Well, the very first impressions were quite unexpected. I’ve never had a thought that after I have recharged the battery and turned the iPad for the first time I’d be unable to do anything. Brand new iPad shows “connect to iTunes” picture, which beautifully rotates with a nice smooth animation when I turn the tablet upside down, but that’s pretty much it. I can turn power off and back on to see the same picture. Nothing else happens. Nothing at all. I wonder how the people use iPad if they don’t have a computer. Or if they have a Linux desktop, which does not support iTunes.


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