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emoji (絵文字) on HTC Desire

It appears, there’s an easy way to see emoji (絵文字) on HTC Desire — just replace DroidSansFallback.ttf which can be downloaded from here.

Pictograms come out in black and white, but still readable and most of the time easy to understand.

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How to compile kernel — part 1

Recently HTC released the kernel source for HTC Desire. Here’s how to compile the kernel source under Ubuntu:

  1. download and unpack source code
  2. install android SDK and NDK
  3. get kernel config from your device (adb pull /proc/config.gz; gunzip config.gz; mv config .config)
  4. put .config into the root directory where you unpacked kernel source
  5. run “make oldconfig”
  6. optionally, if you plan any changes, run “make menuconfig”
  7. run “make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=~/android-ndk-r4/build/prebuilt/linux-x86/arm-eabi-4.4.0/bin/arm-eabi-”, where long and complicated path points to the actual directory where you installed NDK

Wait about 10-20 minutes. You should get the following mesage:

Kernel: arch/arm/boot/zImage is ready

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About that OTA upgrade

Please, be careful about getting OTA (off-the air) upgrades, if you plan to root your HTC Desire. All versions of software upto 1.21 (1.15, 1.16 ~ 1.21) can be rooted, however 1.22 and 1.23 cannot. So, root before the upgrade or forever forget about rooting.


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Battery info

/sys/class/power_supply/battery has batt_id, batt_vol, batt_temp, batt_current and many other interesting items:

$ cat batt_attr_text
batt_id: 1;
batt_vol(mV): 4167;
batt_temp(С): 306;
batt_current(mA): 151;
batt_current_avg(mA): 154;
level(%): 97;
charging_source: 1;
charging_enabled: 1;
acr(mAh): 1326;
active_empty(mAh): 177;
guage_status_reg: 81;
full_level(%): 100;
fake_temp: 0;


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back to 1.21 WWE with low battery consumption

There are a few parameters, which might result in better battery life, so I copied them from Softbank ROM to 1.21 WWE, rebuilt and battery life went back to normal. Just in case, here are those parameters:

Still, no idea what do they mean, especially “enable.sbm.feature” (SBM probably means SoftBank Mobile).

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Juice plotter

battery discharge curveI had wonderful battery life (about 3~4days on one charge) at the beginning, then upgraded to MCR r3.1 and noticed discharge rate about 10%/hour, it ate the whole battery in just few hours. Tried to go back to 1.15 — no difference, so now I have 1.21 with no modifications and have to recharge every night and hope it will live through the day. The phone is quite warm, when I touch it on the back.

Today I went out and drove about 70km to the another region with slightly different cellular provider. And here’s what I notices on my JuicePlotter — FLATLINE since 18:30 to 20:50 — almost exactly the time I was not at home. Phone went totally, surprisingly cold. After I came back home the battery drain started again. Currently my radio version is and I wonder if it’s possible to fix the battery situation.

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ROM kitchen

Found very nice ROM kitchen on, cooked myself a ROM without Office and twitter support. Tried to remove FaceBook as well, but this broke sync somehow, and I had to put it back.

Reflashing new images it kind of fun. Though, I would really advise against reflashing over USB — this might easily break your phone. Please, copy new ROM to SD card and reflash from the card.

ROM kitchen access costs about $10 a year, and pre-baked images are available for free.


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