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iOS :: developers program enrollment

For those worried, it’s not like I’m jumping the ship, but more like grabbing another opportunity and expanding to the new devices. After I’ve paid $99 to the “empire of evil”, I’ve got a nice formatted e-mail, saying: “To complete your purchase and access your Apple Developer Program benefits, please click on the activation code below.”

Clicked on the link and there’s another message, telling me they have some problem and I should contact support. Support sent me another message, which says “We have reviewed your documentation and have removed the hold on your Program activation. At this time, we ask that you please refer to the original activation code email that you received and click through the link once again.”

Well, “If at fist you don’t succeed, try, try again!”. Plenty of fun and games and for only $99.

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iPad :: first impressions

Recently Apple has introduced new iPad2 and the iPad prices plunged overnight. I’m not big fan of Apple or their products, but given the opportunity to get a 10″ tablet brand new for $300, I just could not resist the temptation. After all, I need to have a reference point for comparison with Android.

Well, the very first impressions were quite unexpected. I’ve never had a thought that after I have recharged the battery and turned the iPad for the first time I’d be unable to do anything. Brand new iPad shows “connect to iTunes” picture, which beautifully rotates with a nice smooth animation when I turn the tablet upside down, but that’s pretty much it. I can turn power off and back on to see the same picture. Nothing else happens. Nothing at all. I wonder how the people use iPad if they don’t have a computer. Or if they have a Linux desktop, which does not support iTunes.


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