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back to 1.21 WWE with low battery consumption

There are a few parameters, which might result in better battery life, so I copied them from Softbank ROM to 1.21 WWE, rebuilt and battery life went back to normal. Just in case, here are those parameters:

Still, no idea what do they mean, especially “enable.sbm.feature” (SBM probably means SoftBank Mobile).

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Battery life improved

overnight standby discharge with softbank rooted rom
I’ve been struggling with poor battery life (read: 10%/hour) last week, and finally I have found a solution. I have picked stock RUU from Softbank, unpacked it, made an and flashed it. Battery discharge curve became flat and horizontal (using “Juice Plotter”).

Using stock RUU image I’ve tried to flash a few different radio images (,,, but did not see any significant difference, so I decided to use for now and maybe investigate this later when I have more time.

Unfortunately stock ROM has some disadvantages, so currently I’m looking into building a joint ROM from one of rooted images, but including some settings I’ve found in local stock RUU. Hopefully this will fix the issue completely, because now I’m getting less than 1% discharge in an hour in standby mode and this is pretty much enough for me.

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Juice plotter

battery discharge curveI had wonderful battery life (about 3~4days on one charge) at the beginning, then upgraded to MCR r3.1 and noticed discharge rate about 10%/hour, it ate the whole battery in just few hours. Tried to go back to 1.15 — no difference, so now I have 1.21 with no modifications and have to recharge every night and hope it will live through the day. The phone is quite warm, when I touch it on the back.

Today I went out and drove about 70km to the another region with slightly different cellular provider. And here’s what I notices on my JuicePlotter — FLATLINE since 18:30 to 20:50 — almost exactly the time I was not at home. Phone went totally, surprisingly cold. After I came back home the battery drain started again. Currently my radio version is and I wonder if it’s possible to fix the battery situation.

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