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Raspberry Pi :: got one from RS Components

Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi project has matured enough in the end of the last year to release a new model, with improved schematics and extra memory. I have decided that 512MB is ample enough for my applications and it’s time to try one. Ordered from RS Components, they had about a week or two of back orders, so it took a little while before the nice white package has shown on my doorstep.

The package contents was the board, the transparent plastic enclosure and the power supply. Previous overseas orders taught me to expect a lot of problems with the power supply (the absolute record was the Samsung tablet, that required 3 converter plugs to be able to use it), but this time I was pleasantly surprised to find out several different connectors that accomodate most of the possible power outlets — US, GB and Europe all in one simple package.

Raspbian installation was a breeze — download the image, copy to SD card and off we go. First boot was fast, and though the preinstalled software was a bit limited, I could get almost anything I wanted from the Debian repositories.

Another nice touch — when connected over a HDMI, the board automatically turns on the TV set and changes the input, so I don’t have to search for a remote to see what’s going on. And yeah, it turns TV off during shutdown, that is also very welcome.

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