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iOS :: developers program enrollment

For those worried, it’s not like I’m jumping the ship, but more like grabbing another opportunity and expanding to the new devices. After I’ve paid $99 to the “empire of evil”, I’ve got a nice formatted e-mail, saying: “To complete your purchase and access your Apple Developer Program benefits, please click on the activation code below.”

Clicked on the link and there’s another message, telling me they have some problem and I should contact support. Support sent me another message, which says “We have reviewed your documentation and have removed the hold on your Program activation. At this time, we ask that you please refer to the original activation code email that you received and click through the link once again.”

Well, “If at fist you don’t succeed, try, try again!”. Plenty of fun and games and for only $99.

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Eclipse :: coding for Android back again

walking android

After a long while, I’ve recently started to code a few things for Android, launched Eclipse and was greeted with mysterious errors. Which include:

  • “layoutlib is too recent. update your tool” in the Eclipse layout editor. This was solved by upgrading android libs and SDK and also upgrading ADT from inside of Eclipse->Help->Upgrade. The former upgrade probably was not really necessary, but I did it anyway just in case to prevent other incompatibilities from coming out.
  • another gem appeared when I tried to create an empty project to test a few ideas: “error generating final archive: Debug certificate expired”. This required deleting ~/.android/debug.keystore and “cleaning” the project, which eventually led to regeneration of required debug keys. Google says debug keys are expired after 365 days, so it must have been more than 1 year since I’ve started playing with Android.
  • if you plan to access internet from the emulator, open Run->Configuration->Target and set “Additional Emulator Command Line Options” to “-dns-server,″ and don’t forget to require INTERNET permission in the manifest.

And yes, I’ve got two walking plastic Androids to race them against each other around my table.

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