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SMS :: Whatsapp beta is free on Android Market

whatsapp logo
Another nice piece of software, which uses data connection to send SMS messages without borders. My provider charges about $1 for international SMS message, and this application lets me to talk with my overseas friends almost for free.

It’s required to have another Whatsapp installed on another phone, but since it’s available for Android (free), iPhone (paid), Blackberry and Nokia there’s a good chance it won’t be a problem. There’s no WinMo version and developers have said there will be none, but since no one I know is still on Windows Mobile I don’t really care about that.

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VOIP :: Nimbuzz

nimbuzz eating the battery
Fring and Skype broke up recently, so I have installed Nimbuzz for my communication needs. It supports a dozen of different messengers, including ICQ, GTalk, Yahoo and, most importantly, it supports Skype calls. Also, Nimbuzz allows to call mobile and landlines with the prices about 15% lower than Skype. I have made only a few calls (over WiFi, not 3G), so I cannot decide if the quality is better or worse, but with Skype Mobile stuck in the permanent infancy, there’s not much choice.

The only problem I found is the permanent 2-3%/hour battery drain, even if the WiFi is down and Nimbuzz is supposed to be asleep. Solution: select Nimbuzz and press “exit” when not using it. The picture on the right shows the battery voltage while it’s running and flat line soon after it’s killed.

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Rovio :: Angry Birds

angry birds
Rovio has released free version of Angry Birds for Android.

It’s available from the Market, or, if for some reason you prefer another source, it’s also available on Rapidshare. I cannot guarantee the rapidshare archive is genuine, so it’s recommended to get it from the Market.

The game is very addictive, please, have a few spare hours and charger handy.

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