Eclipse IDE configuration for Android development

adt and ddms installation into eclipseThere are a few steps to configure Eclipse for Android development:

  1. install Android SDK, download and unpack archive, then run ‘./android’ from tools/ subdirectory and install all SDK options
  2. also, it might be a good idea to add the path to sdk/tools to your $PATH
  3. start Eclipse, open Help -> “Install new software” and enter URL:
  4. select all options (ADT and DDMS) and press Next
  5. accept all license agreements until there’s a “Finish” button, press “Finish” and let Eclipse restart itself.

In my case (Eclipse 3.5) there were errors at the step 4, like

Missing requirement: Android Development Tools 0.9.4.v200910220141-17704
( 0.9.4.v200910220141-17704)
requires ‘org.eclipse.wst.sse.core 0.0.0′ but it could not be found

If you encounter the same errors, try to open Help -> “Install new software” again and add the following URLs:


In my case installation went smoothly after I added the first two.

After the Eclipse reloads…

android SDK path optionsit’s necessary to define SDK installation path in preferences. Open Window -> Preferences, and click “Android”. There might be message about SDK path, anyway push “Browse” button and navigate to the SDK installation path. When you press “Apply” all SDK options (Google API and Android versions) should appear in the selection box.

Press OK and you are ready to create Android applications!


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