back to 1.21 WWE with low battery consumption

There are a few parameters, which might result in better battery life, so I copied them from Softbank ROM to 1.21 WWE, rebuilt and battery life went back to normal. Just in case, here are those parameters:

Still, no idea what do they mean, especially “enable.sbm.feature” (SBM probably means SoftBank Mobile).

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  1. #1 by Robert Johnston on September 22, 2010 - 01:35

    Hey, I live in Kagawa and just got a Desire from Softbank….I put OD 4.0.23 on it but would like to do these settings for OD do I have to use the sdk…is it possible to just push it or something or do I have to build a image to flash…?


    • #2 by lenik on September 28, 2010 - 10:44

      to make changes in the image you have to unpack it somewhere (basically, unzip), make changes, pack it back and sign it. the last step is very important, because unsigned images won’t work. there are several (quite small) utilities to do that, and you don’t have to download/install the whole SDK for that.

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