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Extracting from RUU update in Linux

I’ve read about nice utility to extract from RUU update and could not believe someone really have spent time to write a program, which might be easily obsoleted with new version of installshield.

Here’s a quick and dirty, but very reliable approach which does not care about installshield version and relies only on expected file name (

  1. install wine
  2. open terminal and change directory to .wine (cd ~/.wine)
  3. in the terminal type (but don’t press <enter> just yet) : cp `find -name` ~/
  4. run RUU update file in another window and change back to the terminal
  5. as soon as the progress bar reaches about 70-80%, press <enter> in the terminal
  6. enjoy in your home directory (but don’t forget to check zip integrity and checksums just in case)

Worked for me as a charm and did not require any 3rd-party software.



emoji (絵文字) on HTC Desire

It appears, there’s an easy way to see emoji (絵文字) on HTC Desire — just replace DroidSansFallback.ttf which can be downloaded from here.

Pictograms come out in black and white, but still readable and most of the time easy to understand.

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