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Juice plotter

battery discharge curveI had wonderful battery life (about 3~4days on one charge) at the beginning, then upgraded to MCR r3.1 and noticed discharge rate about 10%/hour, it ate the whole battery in just few hours. Tried to go back to 1.15 — no difference, so now I have 1.21 with no modifications and have to recharge every night and hope it will live through the day. The phone is quite warm, when I touch it on the back.

Today I went out and drove about 70km to the another region with slightly different cellular provider. And here’s what I notices on my JuicePlotter — FLATLINE since 18:30 to 20:50 — almost exactly the time I was not at home. Phone went totally, surprisingly cold. After I came back home the battery drain started again. Currently my radio version is and I wonder if it’s possible to fix the battery situation.

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